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Charleston Shoe Co.


Charleston Shoe Co. offers classic, timeless and comfortable shoes for the everyday woman. CEO and Founder, Neely Woodson Powell opened her first store in 2010 and now has over 15 stores nationwide. The many “cobblestones-to-cocktails” shoe styles are geared toward the modern woman who needs to be on her feet and stay fashionable all day long! The classic shoes are hand-made by artisan cobblers and loved by women who appreciate the comfort, wash-ability, and versatility – all brand signatures. Created for women of all ages and lifestyles, the hand-sewn shoes are both easy-to-wear and stylish. Charleston Shoe Co. has been hailed by Forbes, New York Magazine, Mic, People.com, Country Living, Woman’s Day, Footwear News and Smarter Travel. Visit them on the second floor, suite #224. Back to main list